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We offer the highest quality available on the market. So, rest assured that your satisfaction is guaranteed. We offer a variety of glass table tops that can be cut to fit any need. Your table top will usually be delivered to your home or business within 5 to 21 business days depending on the specs you choose.

Table Top Glass Edges Finishes and Corners

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The glass table top edge you choose will depend on how it’s going to be used. For example, if your plan is for mostly eating dinner at the table then a less severe corner might work best with an obvious transition into another surface type like wood or metal

The type and shape of top can dictate which edges are used in order not only look but also feel like they match up well with other pieces decorating any room where this piece resides! Here are few options:

  • Beveled Edge
  • Flat Polished Edge
  • Pencil Polished Edge
  • Seamed Edge


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Custom glass table tops

Our glass selection offers you many options to fully customize your table top including, glass thickness (1/4″ and 3/8”), corners and edge types as well as the type of tempered glass from bronze, grey or Opaque-Clear. Here a list of the custom glass table tops types that we offer:

  • Clear Glass table top
  • HD Glass table top
  • Opaque Glass table top
  • Polar Glass table top
  • Bronze Glass table top
  • Grey Glass table top
  • Round Glass Table
  • Square Glass Table Top
  • Rectangle Glass Table Top Cover
  • Safety Glass table top
  • Acrylic Glass table top
  • Standard Glass table top
  • Frosted Glass table top

Tempered Glass Table Top

Tempered glass is the best choice for any kind of table top. It’s been heat treated and cooled so it’ll last longer, plus if you drop something on your glass cover there are small harmless pieces rather than large sharp shards that could easily cause injury or even death!

Add a touch of luxury to your home with this tempered glass table top. It’s perfect for any room in your house, and it makes a great addition to any furniture set. The tempered glass is strong and durable, so you can rest easy knowing that your table top is protected from everyday wear and tear.


What Glass Thickness Should I go with for my table top?

Although thicker glass is always better, however depending on what you will be using the table for, you can choose from the following glass thicknesses:

Thickness 3/16″: This thickness is best used for light duty such as table covers.

Thickness 1/4″: This thickness is best used for glass table covers as well as glass inserts that fits inside a frame.

Thickness 3/8″: This glass thickness is best used as a glass table cover or when the glass sits on a pedestal.

Thickness 1/2″: This glass is the thickest you will on the market available and it’s made for heavy-duty table top.

How to measure for a glass table top?

Glass table tops are a popular choice for many homes because of their modern look and feel. However, if something happens to your glass table top, you may need to know how to measure it in order to replace it. This guide walks you through the process of measuring your table top so that you can find a replacement that fits perfectly.

When measuring for furniture, it’s important to measure your flat surface area. The size of the glass you need will be determined by how much space there is in relation with edge detail and design on each side; customers often end up ordering too big or small based off their own measurements alone without knowing what was expected beforehand! We recommend stopping 1/16″ short from both ends.

First Measure to the nearest1/16” both sides of the flat surface along the width from edge to edge of where you want the glass to land. Then do the exact same process when measuring the length!

For unique shape glass top or radius corners, it’s best if you draw the pattern using plain, sturdy kraft paper.

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